No time, patience or healthy food options to eat?

Millfill is a multivitamin meal shakes. We are helping you make the right decision on otherwise would be a poor consumption choice to eat unhealthy food when time, options, and patience are limited.

Food Redesigned.

Have you ever got too busy that you skip your meal? Or maybe there is no healthy food around you. Whether you are eating to improve your fitness performance, recovering from sickness, or aging in place, Millfill gives you the lifestyle to automate your food choice with a nutritionally balanced meal replacement. 

Millfill contains 146 calories with 27 vitamins and minerals. It takes less than 1 minute to serve, and satiate your hunger for 4-5 hours.





Drinking Millfill is good for your health.

Balanced Nutrition

Contains key nutrients essential to maintain good health status.

Low Calories

Only 146 kcal per serving.

Satiety & Comfort

Achieve long lasting fullness and comfort without feeling bloating.

Highly Digestible

Better nutrients absorption and highly bioavailable.


No dairy products and safe for lactose intolerant.

Free from any allergic reactions


Free from potential nut allergies.


No artificial and natural sugars added.


No pesticide residues are present.

No herbicides used to grow ingredients.

Natural Flavored

No artificial flavoring added. 

Lose Fat

Accelerate metabolism in losing fats.

Fully natural plant-based ingredients.


Minimize potential health issues.

Save Time

Preparation is only within one minute.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Consistent production and quality controlled.

Save Money

Save money on expensive supplements with Millfill subscription.

No Food Waste

Long shelf life lasting for 2 years.

What they say about Millfill.

I am a busy person who is always on the run. So, I am always looking for food options that are quick and can be easily carried in my bag. Millfill is great for this reason and tastes really nice but is also filling as a snack. I like the fact you can just add water and formulate a drink that's tasty. And where I am not getting my vitamins or minerals from my food during the day, I'm impressed that Millfill is full of goodness. What I love most is that this is not a protein shake nor a meal replacement, it is a drink that aims to complete your diet with the healthy things you need to keep your body running, which I love. I would highly recommend Millfill and hopefully, in time to come, the company releases other yummy flavours.


Entrepreneur & Immigration Lawyer from Australia.

I would highly recommended as it has been a delicious substitute for my unhealthy naughty snacking. Really handy on the go as I have a hectic schedule, as it keeps me filled until my next meal. I have one everyday for the past 4 weeks (and will continue to) and it’s been one less thing I don’t need to worry about.I can’t wait for more flavours to try out.This is the next best thing to come out!

Digital Marketer & Fitness Coach from Australia.

Awesome taste and it has this comfortable natural sweetness to boot. very good product to break my fast with as i am practicing intermittent fasting daily. keep it up!


Serial Entrepreneur from Malaysia

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