Eating healthy does not have to be tedious and expensive. Preparing and cooking food may take a long time to prepare and a hassle to clean the dishes. Eating out on daily basis is not viable in the long run. Sometimes healthy food options are lacking in your area, but time is not on your side. You're getting impatient as you are unable to decide what to eat, especially in your work or home environment. Yet you need to eat because you are getting "hangry". In the end, you may either choose to settle on eating unhealthy food or spend more money buying healthy but expensive food.

What if you can stop thinking about what to eat and replace your meal when your time, options, and patience are limited?

We've made it my mission to solve this problem by developing a drinkable superfood with 146 calories and 27 vitamins and minerals that takes 1 min to prepare and keeps you satiated for 4-5 hours. We are not trying to replace food. We are trying to automate your decision-making on what to eat when you have a lack of time, food options around you and getting impatient due to being "hangry". Millfill is designed for everyone.

Workers who are too busy to eat healthy food drink Millfill on-the-go without having to worry about making wrong food choices and lack of nutrient intake.

Athletes aiming to improve their performance drink Millfill before and after a workout to provide energy and recover with a balanced nutrition.

Overweight and obese people aiming to lose weight and fat drink Millfill to replace their high calorie meals and curb their cravings.

Patients in the midst of recovery drink Millfill to provide complete nutrition to recover the body’s immune system.

Elderly who are aging in place drink Millfill to maintain a healthy body for the long-run and age in place.

Pregnant women who are determined to keep them and their babies healthy drink Millfill to feed themselves with enough nutrients.

Children and teenagers who are looking to grow up healthy drink Millfill to accelerate body growth and boost immune system.

People who are experiencing midnight cravings and make unhealthy food choices drink Millfill to curb the cravings with a healthy choice.

Join us in the journey to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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